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Sylpheed Plug-ins

Sylpheed officially supports plug-in system since version 3.0. This allows feature enhancements of Sylpheed without modifying Sylpheed itself. Anyone can create plug-ins by preparing development environment.

Some features of current Sylpheed will be re-implemented as plug-ins and various plug-ins will be released in the future.

Plug-ins for Sylpheed and information about plug-ins will be put on this page.

Currently distributed plug-ins

Automatic Attachment Encryption Plug-in sylpheed-autoenc-plugin [New!]

This is a plug-in to make attached files an encrypted zip file automatically when sending mails. Password notification mail is created according to template after sending.

This plug-in requires Sylpheed 3.5.1 or later and 7-Zip.

The Windows binary module is available at Downloads page.

The source code is available the following site.

Attachment-Tool Plug-in

This is a plug-in for handling messages with attached files. This plug-in is included in Sylpheed 3.1beta3 or later, and distributed under the LGPL.

Currently, this plug-in can only remove data of attached files with file name. MIME structure will be retained, and users will see 0 byte files.

This tool is available on local folders only.

This plug-in module is included in the Windows version and users can use it by just installing Sylpheed.


Enter the directory plugin/attachment_tool/ and type:

make install-plugin

It will be installed at /usr/local/lib/sylpheed/plugins/ by default.


  1. Select target messages in the summary view.
  2. Select 'Tools - Remove attachments'.

Mail forwarding plug-in: autoforward.dll [New!]

Autoforward.dll is a plug-in which just forwards a mail to the specified e-mail address. It forwards mails on receiving.

Autoforward.dll is developed by Hayashi and distributed at the following site (Japanese):

Password check for attachments plug-in: chkarchpasswd.dll [New!]

Chkarchpasswd.dll is a plug-in to check whether attached files (zip only) are protected by password on sending mails.

Chkarchpasswd.dll is developed by Hayashi. Please note that the current version is an experimental one.

Information for plug-in developers

You can see information for plug-in development at the following page.