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06:10 PM Sylpheed Feature #312 (New): Use desktop preferences for opening attachments
Original reporter says:
Sylpheed does not take into account the XDG default application the desktop environmen...
Ricardo Mones


06:08 PM Sylpheed Bug #306: IMAP connection to returns self-signed certificate when SNI not set
Is that function available in all OpenSSL versions?
If not the patch needs checking for that function in configure...
Ricardo Mones


05:47 PM Sylpheed Feature #269 (New): Change PGP signature filename from 'noname' to 'signature.asc'
Quoting original submitter┬╣:
> Sending PGP signed email by non-clear-text way, sylpheed will attach
> the signat...
Ricardo Mones


05:37 PM Sylpheed Feature #187: Add xz release tarball
I think the attached (untested) patch can implement this feature. Ricardo Mones
05:20 PM Sylpheed Bug #261 (Resolved): Please update Spanish translation
I've updated the current Spanish translation from current subversion (attached to the bug).
Feel free to add it to t...
Ricardo Mones


07:57 PM Sylpheed Bug #219 (New): please update English manual
Just noticed that since some time ago only the Japanese manual is being updated in subversion.
Would be nice that ...
Ricardo Mones


06:07 PM Sylpheed Bug #202: Mbox locking not NFS-safe
Hiroyuki Yamamoto wrote:
> Applied at 3.5.0beta1.
Thanks! :)
> (though I don't recommend to include beta versi...
Ricardo Mones


09:16 AM Sylpheed Bug #202: Mbox locking not NFS-safe
Hi Hiroyuki,
Many thanks for the patch! As far as I can see it is correct: implements mbox locking in the recommen...
Ricardo Mones


03:54 PM Sylpheed Bug #202: Mbox locking not NFS-safe
Hi Hiroyuki,
From the lockfile_create manual page ( you can confirm the...
Ricardo Mones


11:33 PM Sylpheed Bug #202: Mbox locking not NFS-safe
Notice that if this remain unfixed Sylpheed package will be automatically removed from Debian testing in arou...
Ricardo Mones

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