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01:59 PM Sylpheed Bug #434 (Closed): Can you output a HTML table in PHP by using AJAX?
By using AJAX, the objective is to grab "table" information through an external class that is PHP.
AJAX Request
Bradley Nichols


01:55 PM Sylpheed Bug #423 (Closed): CentOS 7 cannot install php-imap extension
I am trying to install imap extension on a CentOS 7 server with PHP version 7.2.23. I tried the command yum install p... Bradley Nichols


01:23 PM Sylpheed Bug #421 (Closed): How to get a bash script to return true on function key press (for use as a Sylpheed filter)
I'm currently trying to make a filter rule on Sylpheed that deletes a message from server on command, and I was think... Bradley Nichols


02:02 PM Sylpheed Bug #406 (Closed): How to use PHP eval function on javascript code?
I am trying to access a javascript LocalStorage value in PHP. I first used the basic method i.e:
echo "<script>doc...
Bradley Nichols

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