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06:46 PM Sylpheed Bug #3404 (New): what's the UV UV aging test box-CO.FO.ME.GRA?

CO.FO.ME.GRA [[ UV aging test chamber]] simulates the influence of ultraviolet r...
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11:54 AM Sylpheed Bug #3111 (New): Vieillissement de la lampe au xénon_Chambre d'essai de rayonnement solaire
Vieillissement de la lampe au xénon_Chambre d'essai de rayonnement solaire
La chambre d'essai de résistance aux in...
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04:16 PM Sylpheed Bug #3098 (New): Testeur d'inflammabilité à 45 degrés
Le testeur d'inflammabilité à 45 degrés convient aux tissus textiles à l'état de 45°, l'échantillon est placé à un an... lab qinsun


12:25 PM Sylpheed Bug #2969 (New): Xenon lamp aging test chamber for textile testing
Textiles are usually exposed to light during use, which can destroy dyes and cause "fading", discoloring colored text... lab qinsun


02:36 PM Sylpheed Bug #2684 (New): QINSUN UV aging test chamber application characteristics analysis
[[QINSUN UV aging test chamber]] application characteristics analysis
What is a...
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02:06 PM Sylpheed Bug #2502 (New): Non-Destructive Testing for the Textile Industry
Non-destructive testing (NDT) methods include a wide range of analytical techniques to evaluate a variety of material... lab qinsun


03:30 PM Sylpheed Bug #2359 (New): Medical mask breathing resistance tester-mask breathing resistance testing equipment
Medical mask breathing resistance tester/mask breathing resistance testing equipment is used to measure the inhalatio... lab qinsun


04:00 PM Sylpheed Bug #2284 (New): Can the xenon lamp aging test chamber simulate the rain environment?
The [[xenon lamp aging test chamber]] simulate the rain environment. Items th... lab qinsun


02:27 PM Sylpheed Bug #2262 (New): What are the types of salt spray tests?
Salt spray test is an environmental test that uses artificial simulated salt spray environmental conditions created b... lab qinsun


05:12 PM Sylpheed Bug #2185 (New): what's the ISO Circular Locus Pilling Tester
*ISO Circular Locus Pilling Tester* [[]] uses nylon brush or single abrasive to make... lab qinsun

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