From 11/19/2020 to 12/18/2020


04:56 PM Support #336 (Closed): dlinkrouter.local | dlink router setup
While logging in to the * [[]] * login window, the user has to apply the default creden... albert henry


03:37 PM Bug #256: GUI Freezing on Windows
Tom Peterson wrote:
> The problem has become prevalent enough that I'm going back to v3.4.3.
Balloon Petal
03:36 PM Feature #266: Ability to set custom GPG command line arguments
BugMe Not wrote:
> Hello,
> The GPG defaults are not secure for privacy. TorBirdy fixes this in ThunderBird/Engimai...
Balloon Petal


06:53 PM Bug #334 (Closed): dlinkrouter.local : Dlink router admin page
During the configuration of Dynamic QoS of the Dlink router, the user must drag the icons of the specified device int... James Markle


02:40 PM Support #332 (Closed): Netgear router login | Netgear router setup - setup
Before performing the reset process or updating the firmware in your router, a user can create a back up of the confi... catalina areaz


11:03 AM Bug #329: [PATCH]Too many recipient lists (1000+ to_list) result in incomplete display
Steps to reproduce the problem: Send an email with 1000+ recipients. Use the sylpheed client to receive the email. Th... shang xiudong


05:06 PM Bug #329 (New): [PATCH]Too many recipient lists (1000+ to_list) result in incomplete display
When there are too many recipient lists, the original code uses a fixed-length buf to store the recipient's informati... shang xiudong
12:19 PM Bug #328 (New): [PATCH]Individual mailbox servers failed to connect using SSL
Individual mailbox servers failed to use SSL connection and reported the following error:
SSL_connect() failed wit...
shui shui

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