From 01/17/2018 to 02/15/2018


12:19 AM Bug #296 (New): use oniguruma without onig-config
On some environment like Debian and Ubuntu, libonig-dev doesn't have onig-config.
Then, --enable-oniguruma option tr...
Hideki Yamane


11:11 PM Support #295 (New): High CPU usage in some folders
I reported the issue on the mailing list some time ago:
Antonio Ospite
10:10 PM Bug #293: Clicking on an address in Cc: crashes Sylpheed
The problem has gone away for me. I was using a self-compiled version of Sylpheed. After being unable to fix the prob... Stefan Vorkoetter
09:51 PM Bug #293: Clicking on an address in Cc: crashes Sylpheed
I cannot reproduce this, I tried either in the preview view or by opening the message in a new dialog.
What s...
Antonio Ospite
09:40 PM Feature #294 (New): Migrate the Sylpheed repositoy to git
IMVHO sylpheed could attract more contributors if it used git for source code management.
Of course it is p...
Antonio Ospite


04:42 AM Bug #293 (New): Clicking on an address in Cc: crashes Sylpheed
In Sylpheed 3.6.0 or 3.7.0, opening a message, pressing Ctrl-H to display all the headers, and then clicking on an e-... Stefan Vorkoetter


04:54 AM Feature #292 (New): New IMAP folder type "Archive"
Dear Mr. Yamamoto,
if you find this useful, will be fine to add it to Sylpheed sometimes.
Igor Nedoboy


10:14 PM Bug #291 (New): Specify MACRO_DIRS as general
In "SYLPHEED_ACLOCAL_INCLUDE(ac)" is specified but it fails when autoreconf runs.
Hideki Yamane


07:52 PM Bug #290 (New): Fake URL warning should have word wrap enabled
When a URL is very long, the "Fake URL warning" prints the URL on one line, and the window continues off the screen.
Riley Baird


06:19 PM Bug #289 (Resolved): Updated ru.po 3.7.0
Applied at r3612. Thanks! Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:18 PM Bug #273 (Closed): Updated ru.po 3.6.0
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:12 PM Revision 3614: updated hu.po and ru.po.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:11 PM Revision 3613: made 3.7.0 release.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:02 PM Revision 3612: updated hu.po and ru.po.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


07:53 PM Bug #289 (Resolved): Updated ru.po 3.7.0
Mr. Yamamoto,
please update Russian .po file before new version.
Thank you very much, happy new release.
I. Ne...
Igor Nedoboy


10:27 PM Bug #288 (New): PGP signature not verified properly when the message has no newline at the end.
Sylpheed marks emails with valid signatures as having a bad signature, when
the email doesn't contain (is not compos...
Simeon Simeonov


04:26 PM Revision 3608: updated po files.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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