From 01/01/2015 to 01/30/2015


05:13 PM Feature #14 (Resolved): Sylpheedにバンドルされているライブラリのバージョン(Glib)を更新して欲しい
3.5.0beta1でGTK+ 2.24.23, GLib 2.38.2に更新済みとなります。 Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:10 PM Feature #124 (Resolved): GTK+ update for Windows?
3.5.0beta1 has been released at Jun 13 2014.
Some bugfixes in regard to the GTK+ update have been also made since th...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:05 PM Feature #145 (Resolved): Win32: Please update the included SSL certificates much more frequently
I will update SSL certificates more frequently from now on.
By the way, ca-certificates_20111211_all.deb is certif...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
04:59 PM Bug #208 (Closed): Issue with menus in the latest beta
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
04:56 PM Bug #207: Issue with some settings in the new beta
Bryan Kirk wrote:
> The only issue now regarding the "Togggle window on trayicon click" option is that with it enabl...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
04:54 PM Support #211: cannot connect to the server / ssl
brieuc seydoux wrote:
> * Connection au serveur SMTP : ...
> ** LibSylph-WARNING: SSL_connect() ...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


06:25 PM Bug #221 (Feedback): Columns New, Unread and Total not static
Column resizing was improved at 3.4.0beta8 and later.
Please try the latest version.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:21 PM Bug #215 (Resolved): Segmentation fault in gtkut_text_buffer_insert_with_tag_by_name ()
Fixed at r3462. Thanks! Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:19 PM Revision 3462: fixed gtkut_text_buffer_insert_with_tag_by_name().
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:54 PM Bug #220 (Resolved): Russian .po update
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:53 PM Bug #220: Russian .po update
Applied at r3461.
(sorry for the delay)
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:52 PM Revision 3461: updated ru.po (#220).
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
02:40 PM Feature #224 (Closed): Hebrew translation
Released as 3.5.0beta2. Hiroyuki Yamamoto


07:52 PM Feature #226 (New): Receive message box during individual message download
It would be nice to have a message box displayed when a relatively large message is downloaded from an IMAP folder (i... Gyll .


07:00 PM Revision 3460: updated version.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:59 PM Revision 3459: win32: fixed a bug that maximized state was unset on minimize.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


10:54 AM Bug #222: Gmail SSL cannot be verified.
It seems that Sylpheed cannot find appropriate SSL certificates.
Sylpheed looks for them by the following order:
Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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