From 07/13/2012 to 08/11/2012


08:35 PM Bug #79: gpgme on 64bit windows fails to find gpg
I suggest this problem to GnuPG BTS.
As a result, GPGME official vers...
Takumi Nakamura


02:39 PM Revision 3147: enabled viewing of external rfc822 message files. Recognize mailto: or file: URL argument without command-line option.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
11:25 AM Bug #79: gpgme on 64bit windows fails to find gpg
GPG4WIN includes gpg2.exe not gpg.exe.
Let's copy "Program Files (x86)\GNU\GnuPG\gpg2.exe" to "gpg.exe", not shortcu...
Takumi Nakamura


01:50 AM Bug #83 (Closed): Sylpheed not showing in Gnome 3 "preferred application" list
I'm using Sylpheed (3.2.0-1) and Gnome 3 (3.4.2) on Arch Linux 64 bit (3.4.7-1-ARCH kernel), but it isn't shown in th... Luca Bonetti


06:42 PM Revision 3146: made 3.3beta1 release.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
03:55 PM Revision 3144: updated po files.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
03:53 PM Revision 3143: src/export.c: pass the opened FolderItem when 'Export only selected messages' is enabled.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
03:41 PM Revision 3142: made export/import progress dialog cancellable.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
01:11 PM Feature #81 (Resolved): 選択したメッセージのみエクスポートする機能
done at svn r3141. Hiroyuki Yamamoto
01:06 PM Revision 3141: added 'Export only selected messages' option to the export dialog.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


03:30 PM Revision 3140: updated NEWS.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
03:21 PM Revision 3139: enable quick launch from the attach tool menu.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
12:05 PM Revision 3138: moved Images option in Display - Attach tab.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


06:27 PM Revision 3137: updated ChangeLog.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:25 PM Revision 3136: updated po files.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:22 PM Revision 3135: prefs_common_dialog.c: fixed description.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:19 PM Revision 3134: improved the new attachmemts interface.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
11:38 AM Bug #13: System Icon issue when ran on Windows 7
I have no experience in programming. I just searched Google for info regarding how Windows 7 deals with system tray i... Bryan Kirk
11:30 AM Bug #13: System Icon issue when ran on Windows 7
I've been using Sylpheed for more than 2 years now. It's very responsive, the design is simplistic, and backing up em... blueskyy blue


02:42 PM Feature #82 (New): Mail filtering when opening a folder
[sylpheed:34348] Mail filtering when opening a folder
Apply the filtering rules to new messages in an IMAP folder...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


11:13 AM Feature #81 (Closed): 選択したメッセージのみエクスポートする機能
Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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