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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
18 Sylpheed Bug New Low To, Cc等のヘッダでアドレスの途中で改行される Hiroyuki Yamamoto 09/19/2022 02:05 AM Actions
33 Sylpheed Bug Confirmed Normal Systray Context Menu Remains Open 06/07/2022 06:34 PM Actions
57 Sylpheed Bug Confirmed Normal Save un-named attachments doesn't add the file extension 06/10/2022 01:43 PM Actions
59 Sylpheed Bug New Normal Loose of mail (sib)directory brakes program function 06/10/2022 01:43 PM Actions
65 Sylpheed Bug New Normal inbox folder not opened anymore on program start Hiroyuki Yamamoto 06/10/2022 01:44 PM Actions
70 Sylpheed Bug In Progress Normal Properties window for an attachment is not given priority 06/10/2022 01:45 PM Actions
72 Sylpheed Bug New Normal Сtrl+C Сtrl+V Сtrl+Z windows 7 x64 Hiroyuki Yamamoto 06/10/2022 01:45 PM Actions
75 Sylpheed Bug New Normal Rendering probles in 3.2 beta 06/10/2022 01:46 PM Actions
79 Sylpheed Bug New Normal gpgme on 64bit windows fails to find gpg 06/10/2022 01:46 PM Actions
91 Sylpheed Bug New Normal Filer loads full letter to work 06/10/2022 01:48 PM Actions
92 Sylpheed Bug New Normal IMAP SSL connection interrupted in SSL_peek. Hiroyuki Yamamoto 06/10/2022 01:48 PM Actions
101 Sylpheed Bug New Normal Clicking system tray icon does not display Sylpheed on all virtual desktops 07/14/2022 02:53 PM Actions
102 Sylpheed Bug New Low right click on SPAM Filter with wrong context menu entry 06/10/2022 02:17 PM Actions
104 Sylpheed Bug New Normal Interface freeze when checking for email 06/10/2022 02:17 PM Actions
105 Sylpheed Bug New Normal Clicking folder name causes a delay (Scanning folder 'INBOX'...) 06/10/2022 02:17 PM Actions
106 Sylpheed Bug New Normal Sent message not in the good folder 06/10/2022 02:18 PM Actions
108 SylFilter Bug New Normal 一般的すぎる多重インクルード防止のifdefを変更して欲しい Hiroyuki Yamamoto 06/10/2022 02:18 PM Actions
116 Sylpheed Bug New Normal Old Messages Get Marked Unread Hiroyuki Yamamoto 06/10/2022 02:19 PM Actions
121 Sylpheed Bug New Normal Subjectの表示で文字化けが発生する。 Hiroyuki Yamamoto 09/25/2022 01:21 AM Actions
130 Sylpheed Bug New Normal Sylpheed does not remember Menu bar -> View -> Cc / Bcc / Reply-To / Attachment settings in compose window 09/24/2022 03:59 PM Actions
135 Sylpheed Bug New Normal Need to expand MIME tags for PGP encrypt Hiroyuki Yamamoto 06/10/2022 02:22 PM Actions
137 Sylpheed Bug Feedback Normal Window Drawing Issue Hiroyuki Yamamoto 06/10/2022 02:22 PM Actions
139 Sylpheed Bug New Normal UI UniCode issue Hiroyuki Yamamoto 06/10/2022 02:23 PM Actions
140 Sylpheed Bug New Normal mailto bug when address contains "+" Hiroyuki Yamamoto 06/10/2022 02:23 PM Actions
142 Sylpheed Bug In Progress Normal Freeze app after window resize in Gmail box. Hiroyuki Yamamoto 06/10/2022 02:23 PM Actions
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