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I have bad credit and I want a credit card

Added by Hana Lannister 9 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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I have a credit score of 580 mainly because of a private loan for college and some other less expensive mistakes in my early twenties. My fiancé and I want to buy a house in the next few years. We also would really like a credit card for emergencies. I've read a little online and the advice everywhere is to get a credit card and slowly pay it off, and that is how to increase your credit. I am slowly paying off the loan btw. Every time I apply for a card it tells me I can't get one because of delinquency and lack of revolving credit. My question is, if the way to fix this is to get a credit card, and I can't get a card because of this, how the hell do I get a card to fix it anyways? Am I wrong? Stupid? Do I have to just keep pegging away at my 30k in debt until it's paid off? I'm so confused and frustrated.



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