Feature #87

Add the possibility to have a specific panel/tray icon (patch attached)

Added by Julien Lavergne about 10 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Some icon themes specify specific panel or tray icons to have a consistent color in the systray. It's usually done by adding a *-panel icon in the icon theme. Attached patch enable this feature for sylpheed. Please consider it for inclusion. Thanks.


use-panel-icon.patch (663 Bytes) use-panel-icon.patch Patch to enable panel icon Julien Lavergne, 08/15/2012 10:45 PM
11use-theme-icon-for-win.patch (937 Bytes) 11use-theme-icon-for-win.patch Julien Lavergne, 08/28/2012 03:50 AM

Updated by Julien Lavergne about 10 years ago

Same type of modification, attached patch enable usage of the sylpheed icon in the theme when it's available rather than the stock icon.


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