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Muscle Building - 2 Moves That Target Your Triceps

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Getting bigger, more muscular arms is one of the most common reasons guys start lifting weights. What's interesting is that in their pursuit for bigger, more powerful guns, most guys focus on training the biceps and nothing else. I don't know why, I guess flexing and showing off a huge set of biceps is just more fun than any other muscle. Did you know that the triceps muscle accounts for about two-thirds of your entire arm mass?

That's right. So if you really want to achieve bigger arms, wouldn't it make sense to spend the majority of your time on the muscle that naturally takes up more space? I'm going to share with you today 2 different movements that are perfect for attacking the triceps muscle.

The Press-down: The press-down is a very basic, safe movement. It's perfect to do at the beginning of your workout. First, take an overhand grip on a straight bar (preferably one with a rotating sleeve) that's attached to an overhead pulley. Keeping your elbows as close to your body as possible, push the bar down. At the bottom of the movement your arms should be fully extended, but remember to NOT lock out your elbows.

Once you've reached the bottom, come back up slowly until your forearms are at a position just above parallel to the floor. The cool thing about moving through this range of motion is that it keeps constant tension on your muscles. Remember to not lean in during this exercise, because once you do the shoulder muscles take over the workload. If you find that you can't perform the movement without leaning in, it's most likely because you are using a weight that is too heavy for your triceps to handle by themselves.

The Rope Press-down: This exercise is very similar to the straight bar press-down we talked about above, but it works the muscles in a slightly different way. It works best when it's performed AFTER the straight bar version, and not before. Execution of this exercise is very similar to the other one, and it's just as simple. First, connect a rope attachment to the overhead pulley. Grab the rope using a neutral grip (your palms should be facing each other), and your hands at about chest level.

From here, simply extend your forearms straight down to get a full contraction out of the triceps muscles. If you really want to feel the burn, spread your hands apart at the bottom of the movement. Just like with the straight bar, remember to keep your elbows as close to your torso as possible, and don't let them move around during the movement. The only motion should be your forearms moving up and down. The cool thing about this particular exercise is that when you hold the contraction at the bottom, you can literally feel the back of your arms (triceps) being flooded with blood. That's a great feeling, because you know something is working.


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