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Snowboarding Gloves - Don't Leave Home Without Them!

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Hands down the single most important item of clothing you need is the seemingly lowly snowboarding gloves!

Now before you shout me down, let me make my case here... OK so they are probably to the first thing on your list, but however far down your list they may be, you certainly won't rock up at the bottom lift without a pair... unless like me you leave them on the train on the way up the mountain...

I only did that once, and technically it was my bag... anyway... such a small item stopped me from enjoying my morning riding, until the train returned with my trust snowboarding gloves! It's only a small item, but has a massive effect on your enjoyment if you don't have any!

Equally infuriating is when you have gloves but they aren't actually doing their job! I have been fortunate enough to have invested wisely in a par of toasty Burton Gore Gloves, which season after season have proved to be worthy of a new pair every year, they are that good. Having said that I have seen plenty of people who decides a pair of budget gloves would do the trick and especially on the non active seat of a chair lift, have almost been in tears because of cold hands!

My advice is to invest in a quality pair of snowboarding gloves from a trusted brand - Dakine, Burton, etc., are a good place to start. If you can go for a GORE-TEX liner, which keeps your hands dry and blocks the wind. For those who have poor circulation you should probably look for something with a little more insulation, like the Burton Toastie Gloves, otherwise a standard gore glove is all you will ever need.

Some snowboarding gloves come with a separate pair of lining gloves to help with extra cold days, however I have never had to wear mine, but they do come in handy when popping into town on the evening. :)

The only other feature you need to be aware of is do they fit over or under the sleeve of your jacket, I prefer the over glove myself, which you can set up to keep any snow from getting near your pinkies. I tried the under glove this year because it looks cooler but I just got snow inside so they didn't work for me... oh well lesson learned!


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