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Rendering probles in 3.2 beta

Added by Gyll . over 10 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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In the latest 2.3_beta versions of sylpheed (at least the last two versions, i don't try the earlier ones) some rendering problems appear: i'm attaching two screenshots, one of them illustrating how the menus and windows have rendering errors, and the second shows how the buttons in a "save as" dialog for an attached file simply omits rendering the buttons (but the text labels are shown).

PS (my two cents, for what it's worth)
I remember reading somewhere on your site that you switched to a new GTK version, maybe that is the cause and this bug should be files to GTK? Or maybe a newer version of GTK has been released that corrects these bugs?


sylpheed-render.png (21.5 KB) sylpheed-render.png Gyll ., 06/23/2012 09:46 PM
sylpheed-no-buttons.png (23.3 KB) sylpheed-no-buttons.png Gyll ., 06/23/2012 09:46 PM

Updated by Hiroyuki Yamamoto over 10 years ago

I think it is related to the video driver or theme you're using.
Siminar rendering errors sometimes happen also here, but it's limited to
specific parts (attachment popup menu).

Please update the video driver and/or change Windows themes to see
if it is the case.


Updated by Gyll . over 10 years ago

As you could see in my screenshots, i was not using a WinXP-specific theme (i was using the "Windows classic" display modes and my theming engine was actually stopped from the services configuration). Now i tried to enable the theming engine and then select a WinXP-specific theme, and indeed there appear to be no rendering errors in this case. I then left the theming engine started (in the windows services) and switched back to the "Windows classic" modes, and the rendering errors appeared again.

So, to rise: in the "windows classic" modes you get rendering errors, but in WinXP themes modes there are no errors.

Well, you will probably decide that there is no point for you to bother with the rendering problems in "windows classic" mode because probably very few people still use it, and i will agree with you, but for me personally it's a pity because i simply can't use the WinXP themes (i find the left-to-right color fading on the windows toolbars in WinXP modes extremely distracting in WinXP themes, they always "catch my eyes" and don't let me focus on my work whenever i click on a button or a menu).

So while i will totally understand if you don't consider these rendering problems to be a real concern, maybe you can still look into it and see exactly what happened, because in the earlier versions 3.2 everything worked just fine.



Updated by Gyll . over 10 years ago

Oh, forgot to mention: the video driver is up-to-date, and Sylpheed is the only program that causes these kinds of problems (but i admit that i didn't check any newer versions of GTK-based programs such as audacity of gimp or pidgin etc, so i don't know if these also have rendering problems)


Updated by Gyll . over 10 years ago

oops, sorry, audacity is not GTK, it's WxWidgets :)


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