Bug #59

Loose of mail (sib)directory brakes program function

Added by A K over 10 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Summary: Sylpheed cannot save outbox letter if there is no "sent" directory in mail folder and mail server is 'non-latin': has directory 'Отправленные' instead ot 'sent'.

Big mail service of my country ( is Cyrillic. So it has cyrillic directory structure: 'Исходящие' (outnbox), 'Отправленные' (sent), only INBOX folder has latin name. In this situation Sylpheed stores sent letters in local 'sent' directory (for compare: working with gmail it places sent letter in remote 'sent' dir (IMAP)).

Local mail directories can be lost: occidently or intentianally (for reduce backup size to fit DVD media, I always config mail clients not delete old mail, removed inbox can be restored). In this case program has error message "Sending of message was completed, but the message could not be saved to outbox".

I suppose, other program functions can be broken in case of loosing some non-critical, restorable mail dirs.
Sylpheed shoud try to restore such dirs.

System: Debian GNU/Linux 6.0
Program version: 3.2.0beta7

Servers in test:


Updated by A K over 10 years ago

Shotrly: sent letter can't be saved in 'sent' dir, if there is no same remote dir and local 'sent' dir is deleted. In IMAP and POP configurations.


Updated by A K over 10 years ago

How to reproduce:
0) create account on [[]]
1) start Sylpheed 1st time
2) configure POP or IMAP account
3) send some letter somewhere
4) delete directory ~/Mail/sent
5) start program again and try to send mail again


Updated by A K over 10 years ago

6) see fail of save
7) close program, manually restore 'sent' directory of Mail folder
8) send message again and get save success.


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