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Multi-purpose address book

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I am aware that this is probably a lot of work, however it would be very nice if the Sylpheed address book (which seems now designed mainly for e-mail addresses) was developed into a full-featured multi-purpose address book, with pre-defined fields for i.e.:

- Addresses (Street, City, Zip Code, Country)
- Birthday
- Phone/Fax numbers
- Homepage
- Pictures (not so important but nice to have)

It would also be nice to have separate private/business sections and a feature to print address labels.

I am aware that it's already possible to add custom data, but that's not very easy to use. Also, custom data is currently only visible when editing the contact itself which makes the data hard to find. Therefore, I am currently using Sylpheed for mail and e-mail contacts and Thunderbird for all other address data (which is kind of inconvenient).

Thank you for considering!


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