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"Copy" menu for attached files in mails

Added by Gyll . almost 11 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Currently one can right-click on attachments in an email and select "Save" or "Save as...", but it's VERY cumbersome to keep changing folders when i want so save attachments in different folders, so the ideal solution would be to also have the option to "Copy" on the attachment right-click menu, and then i can paste the file where ever i want. This will only work while the email program is kept opened (because when i close it all the temporary files get deleted), but it's still MUCH better then having to keep browsing through the folder structure in that "Save as" GTK dialog for every attachment that i need to save in a different place.


attachments-copy-mock.png (550 KB) attachments-copy-mock.png Gyll ., 02/07/2012 05:55 PM

Updated by Gyll . almost 11 years ago

Just to make sure i'm making myself clear: when i say that it would be nice to have a "Copy" command in the right-click menu of the file attachments in an email i mean this function should be just "Copy to clipboard", and then i can open any folder in windows explorer and select "Paste" (and the file will be pasted there).

I'm attaching a mock screenshot, just to make sure.


Updated by Gyll . almost 11 years ago

Also, i just noticed that i cand drand-and-drop attachments INTO A NEW MAIL that i'm composing, so i wonder why can't i also just drag-and-drop attachments FROM A RECEIVED MAIL into some folder (i.e. why do i have to go through that terrible GTK "Save as..." dialog instead of just drag-and-drop the files directly where i want?)


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