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Remote mail window enhancements

Added by Gyll . almost 11 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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I'm grouping three requests in this single message, but please let me know if you'd rather like me to issue 3 separate "Feature requests":

1) please list the "size" of the messages in the "Remote mail" window as A SINGLE MESUREMENT UNIT (probably KB would be best). Having to pay attention to the size unit next to each message when quickly deciding if i want to transfer them or just delete on the server them is VERY annoying.

2) please add a button to the "Remote mail" window with "Get and delete" (this would get the message and delete it from the server after the transfer is completed)

3) i think a progress dialog when transferring mail from the "Remote mail window" is a MUST HAVE. Right now, when i select several items in the "Remote mail" window and then click on "Get" there is no feedback whatsoever w/r to the transfer, and this makes this function practically unusable. (if this problem is a bit too complicated to patch quickly, maybe a temporary solution would be to just open a pop-up saying "transferring mail, please wait...", or maybe even just gray out all the buttons on the remote mail window until the transfer completes)


sylpheed-POP3mock_annotated.png (43.3 KB) sylpheed-POP3mock_annotated.png New interface suggestion for POP3 accounts Gyll ., 02/06/2012 06:06 PM

Updated by Gyll . almost 11 years ago

In case i didn't make myself clear enough, i'm talking about the POP3 "Remote mail" window.


Updated by Gyll . almost 11 years ago

Actually, now that i think about it, i believe it would be MUCH BETTER and much more CONSISTENT if the POP3 "Remote mail" window would eliminated completely, and instead make the POP3 accounts look just like the IMAP accounts in the left pane of the main window, with the observation that you will only have a single folder for POP3 accounts, namely INBOX. Then you can have a consistent presentation for both POP3 and IMAP accounts, and you can right-click the POP3 headers and select "Copy...", "Move...", and "Delete".

I'm attaching a "screenshot" of how such a setting would look like.


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