Bug #287

Sylpheed started new instead of starting as usual

Added by Melodie DUBOIS almost 5 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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I having been using Sylpheed since many years and never met with issues, I have been badly surprised today at the end of the afternoon after I restarted it to see it refusing to use the current configuration files and ask me to create a Mail directory and configure a new account. I was a bit scared I could not get my current configuration back but fortunately I had almost the same configuration on another computer, which I had used and updated not too long ago. I am using a GNU/Linux Operating Systems, I just moved the configuration and the Mail directories out of the way and copied them back from the machine where it works, then I just had to reconfigure the latest mail address created. I use imap everywhere which helps too. I had some mails in the local Inbox directory which I reimported using the "import" menu.

And I have done a full backup of the restored configuration.

Now my question is : if it happened to go wrong again in the future what steps could I take to debug it before restoring the configuration from another computer?

My version Sylpheed : 3.6.0-0~xenial0
My version Ubuntu : Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

thanks for your great work.


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