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Github? Dev Releases on news? Paid Support? Edit messages?

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hi! I found you through the LinuxKernel, which implicitly strongly recommends Sylpheed [1]. I was a long-time user of Eudora which was quasi-open sourced but due to issues including its search engine being proprietary was eventually dropped by Mozilla [2][2A].

A few questions for you if I may.
[] Does Sylpheed have the ability to edit message bodies and subjects? I don't see that in the English docs [3].
[] Are you or would you consider moving to Git/Github where community support might be more plentiful?
[] Are you or would you consider having a paid support option, which might make it easier for you to continue work?
[] Finally, it seems like if I wanted to contribute I would get the SVN repo , make a ticket, make a PR, and if you liked it you would merge and it would be available on the 'news' homepage as a new beta release?

thank you!

[1] The page on Developer Contributions; LinuxChanges - Linux Kernel Newbies
[2] Eudora 8 is now... Eudora OSE.
[2A] Penelope effectively cancelled;
Note: it is Mozilla's understanding that Qualcomm is no longer developing Eudora OSE. Furthermore, the last released version is based on an old version of Thunderbird which is no longer supported, has many bugs and performance problems, known security issues, and its community support forum no longer exists. ~~ Current or potential users of Eudora OSE might like to try Thunderbird as an alternative email program. Although of course the user interface and features of the two programs are not the same, Thunderbird has an active support community, and its features and UI can be improved with addons, which in some cases add pieces of Eudora-like functionality.

[3] Documentation , manual for older version in English.


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