Bug #214

Not synchronize message read status

Added by A K about 8 years ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Sylpheed is running in system tray and checks for new messages with some interval (10 minutes in my case). Mailbox is configured as IMAP4. After new message is readed from web interface on mail server, Sylpheed still shows "new message" icon. This icon is not disappears afer following actions: "Receve", "receve all", navigate on IMAP folders. Icon is disappears after hand-made mark some message as "unread" and then "readed".

How to reproduce:
0) send some (more than one!) test messages to you mailbox;
1) run Sylpheed with blank configuration and configure it to IMAP mailbox;
2) set check interval 10m;
3) wait when Sylpheed finds new nessages and shows "new message" icon in tray. There are highlighted folders in IMAP tree too;
4) go to the mailbox from web interface and read test messages;
5) wait for Sylpheed check interval and some more;
6) go to the Shylpheed and "Get all";
7) see to the IMAP tree: no highlighted folders;
8) see to the tray: "new" icon still there;

Version 3.5.0beta1 (Build 1161)
GTK+ 2.20.1 / GLib 2.24.2
Operating System: Linux 2.6.32-5-686 (i686)
Compiled-in features: gthread IPv6 iconv GnuPG OpenSSL

Debian Squeeze


Updated by A K about 8 years ago

"This icon is not disappears afer following actions: ..., navigate on IMAP folders."

"avigate on IMAP folders" - is not actual case.


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