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Permanently disable message view

Added by Hagen Riedel over 8 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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I am using Debian Testing (jessie, version 8.0, Linux 3.13-1-amd64) with Sylpheed Version 3.5.0beta1 (Build 1161, GTK+ 2.24.24, GLib 2.40.0) from reposity.

I usually disable message view (shortcut 'v') as I am switching between multiple mails and arrange them side by side in windows. For that I also spread windows across two monitors.

With my IMAP folders message view sometimes recurs when I switch back to that folder. For some folders this happens every time I switch back. For INBOX it just happens if I move from a folder where I did not disable message view back to INBOX. This might be a bug.

I can resize the message view so it does not claim too much area on my monitor. But, of course, messages will be marked as "read". This behaviour applies to column width as well whereas column sorting and column arrangement is managed discrete per folder.

Is there a configuration file with folder view's parameters? I would expect to be able to define a global view per mailbox or a folderspecific view in settings (e.g. function "make current view the default for any folder" or option "stick to current view for any folder selected"). Like I had to edit folderlist.xml to unsubscribe to imap folders I can imagine to control folder view in detail in that file. Here is an excerpt:

<folder type="imap" name="" account_id="1">
<folderitem type="inbox" name="INBOX" path="INBOX" no_sub="1" threaded="1" mtime="1301711582" new="0" unread="4" total="21" />

Best regards, Hagen Riedel


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