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YG401H Martindale abrasion and pilling performance tester

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YG401H Martindale abrasion and pilling performance tester is used for wool and wool blend woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and non-woven fabrics under a certain pressure of abrasion resistance test and for most fabrics (more suitable for wool woven fabrics) in the case of slight pressure pilling performance test. The relative motion of the specimen and the abrasive is Lissa-jous pattern.

YG401H Martindale abrasion and pilling performance tester 7 features.

1. Industrial grade color touch screen display and control, friendly human-machine interface is easy to use and more convenient to operate. Chinese and English display can be converted. 2.

2. Each station is counted separately, the number of revolutions can be set in stages, and the process bar graphically displays the test process. With abrasive life automatic prompt function. 3.

3. The test stages (8 stages in total) and the number of tests in each stage can be programmed, or a single program can be run repeatedly to suit various test requirements.

4. The specimen fixture movement guide flap type design, the abrasive loading and clamping operation is more convenient.

5. Adopt DC brushless motor control technology, speed digital setting can also set three speeds, can meet all domestic and foreign method standards.

6. with power failure automatic recovery to the working state function, that is, accidental power failure again after the power can automatically start running until the test is completed.

7. The main components are made of aluminum alloy, with the surface treated by plastic spraying and sandblasting oxidation. The movement guide is made of stainless steel, which is durable and the eccentric distance adjustment is made of cylindrical pin plug-in structure, which is easy to operate.


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