Bug #209

Message text looks weird in the latest beta

Added by Bryan Kirk over 8 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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When I view a message, the text appears larger than what its set to in the General sub-tab of the Display tab. Also, the name of the selected font is cut off (in my case, it shows "Times New" instead of "Times New Roman Normal").


Updated by Hiroyuki Yamamoto over 8 years ago

Please tell me:
- OS version
- How have you installed the 3.5beta1

Try another font at the text font setting and see if the behavior changes.

If you have overwritten 3.5beta1 to the previous version,
please try clean install.


Updated by Bryan Kirk over 8 years ago

1. Windows 7 SP1
2. I have installed it by upgrading over v3.4.2.

I'll try renaming its directory to see if the issue is still there or not.


Updated by Bryan Kirk over 8 years ago

It turns out that a fresh profile has the default message text font set to Monospace Normal (so it was using that font but it showed up as "Times New"). I set the profile I was using before to use a different font then back to the original one which fixed it.


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