Bug #206

Cannot move deleted messages to Bin folder on Gmail

Added by Jon Spailer about 8 years ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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When creating a Gmail account, a "Trash" folder keeps being created, besides the "Bin" folder.

If you go into the advanced settings for the account, you cannot map deleted messages to the "Bin" folder. An error always appears. Messages seem to always have to save to the "Trash" folder.

As with Thunderbird, you should be able to map to the "Bin" folder and delete the "Trash" folder.


Updated by Jon Spailer about 8 years ago

Ok, I think I`ve sorted this problem :)

1. Right click 'Bin' folder and make its type as a 'trash' folder. This allows deletions to go to this folder.

2. Open 'Sylpheed/config/folderlist.xml' in a text editor and remove the lines for the trash folder. Right clicking and selecting 'Delete' in Sylpheed won`t work.

Seems to work as expected.


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