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Please merge Sylpheed and Claws Mail (or: start contributing to Claws Mail instead of developing Sylpheed)

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first of all: Please do not take this request as an offense. It's not meant like that.

Okay, so:

Because Sylpheed still does not have a PPA or updates for Ubuntu available:

I recently switched from using Sylpheed to using Claws Mail (because Claws Mail has a PPA available).

I soon realized that Claws Mail has already fixed some bugs / implemented some features, which Sylpheed has not, for example:

Actually, Claws Mail seems to have everything that Sylpheed has, plus more (okay, actually it looks like Claws Mail does not seem to have a "Play sound when new messages arrive" feature..., but that's all I noticed so far).

So, I don't see any reason why I should prefer using Sylpheed over Claws Mail any longer. Claws Mail simply seems to be better than Sylpheed (and, again, that is not meant as an offense).

And, today, I saw the following message from Hiroyuki Yamamoto:

Hiroyuki Yamamoto wrote:

I will not be able to release a new version including this modification soon.

I really do not want to blame anyone. But, now I really ask myself:

Why do we need Sylpheed AND Claws Mail?

Why can't you just merge?

For me, it seems like a waste of manpower, ressources and time to develop them separately.

I realize that Claws Mail actually is a fork of Sylpheed and appreciate the efforts of the Sylpheed developers.

But to me it simply seems as if it would make more sense if Sylpheed and Claws Mail would be merged or if the Sylpheed developers would start contributing to Claws Mail instead of developing Sylpheed.

So, I would appreciate if you could tell me why you are not doing that already and if you are planning to do it in the future etc.?



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[Users] Why do some users prefer Sylpheed over Claws Mail ?!?

Paul claws at
Sun Jun 14 12:45:35 CEST 2015

On Sat, 13 Jun 2015 21:18:43 +0200
anton92 at wrote:

I was very surprised to discover that Sylpheed (instead of CM) was
chosen by the Fedora distro.

It's impossible to answer your question in the subject by anyone who
hasn't made that choice, and since this is the Claws Mail list then
one can guess that everyone here prefers Claws Mail. Try asking on
the Sylpheed mailing list.

From what I understand CM is much better than Sylpheed, because it
has many plugins and a more vibrant community, so I really don't
see why Sylpheed could be preferred over CM.

AFAIK, there is a Japanese community around Sylpheed. Whether it's
vibrant or not I cannot say.

I was not able to find
much info on the internet about the difference between the two
programs. All one finds is that CM was forked from Sylpheed and is
now managed by a community.

To say CM is managed by a community is a slight stretch. It is
managed by a small team of people, some of which have been there
since before sylpheed-claws days, some others not quite so long.

Could you please provide some info
about the differences?

It's been a long time since I paid any attention to what is happening
in Sylpheed development, but I can list a few things without having to
do investigation.

IMAP and NNTP are completely different in Claws.
The cache system is completely different in Claws.
The folder management is completely different in Claws.
Filtering is completely different in Claws.
GnuPG messages are handled completely differently in Claws.

plus lots of other stuff.

I would say that CM has easily in excess of 50% new, completely
rewritten code.

CM is also licensed under GPLv3 whereas Sylpheed (last time I looked)
iirc is LGPLv2.

Sylpheed's LGPLv2 is probably there to facilitate the development of
Sylpheed Pro, which is the proprietary version of Sylpheed, which is
for sale and is not offered for free.

Above all, is there some area where Sylpheed
is actually better than CM? Any particularly feature?

I'm not aware of any.

Is Sylpheed
also mono-threaded like CM?

Neither are mono-threaded, they're are just not completely
multi-threaded. And, afaik, they both share this trait.

Originally there was Sylpheed, back in c. 2001 it was perhaps the
only GUI MUA for linux that offered multiple accounts. It was basic,
but the best there was. Because a few people wanted to help make
Sylpheed better, a lot of patches were being sent. Then, to handle
the number of patches, The Sylpheed Patch Page was created - quite
basic in today's terms, but quite innovative in those days. After
some time we needed some way to effectively test all the patches,
without having to spend a lot of time applying patches to Sylpheed.
So Sylpheed-Claws was created as the development version of Sylpheed.
This worked quite well for some time, when features were considered
stable in Sylpheed-Claws, Hiroyuki would integrate them into
Sylpheed - features such as Actions, Templates, Colour labels,
address book, and so on, all originated in Sylpheed-Claws.

Unfortunately, after a while features - good, stable features -
stopped being integrated in Sylpheed. After several months with
trying to find out the reason for this, but failing to get a
response, it was decided that we should fork and create Claws Mail.
Our hand was forced, and we we weren't ready to give up.

Anyway, enough of this already, I think.

with regards




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I think the same as you. it seems like a waste of manpower, resources and time to develop them separately.phrazle and weaver wordle, thank you for the article.

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