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Please make Sylpheed use the GTK+ / GNOME theme icons instead of using its own icons

Added by X. W. over 8 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Dear Sylpheed developers,

I recently got in touch with the Lubuntu Artwork Team and asked them if they could make an icon theme for Sylpheed and Claws Mail (Lubuntu is currently using Sylpheed as its default email client).

However, what they basically said was, that instead of them making an icon theme for Sylpheed and Claws Mail, Sylpheed and Claws Mail should simply use the GTK+ / GNOME theme icons, as this would be what GTK+ applications should do. That way Sylpheed and Claws Mail would adapt its icons based on the GTK+ / GNOME theme selected by the user. They were mentioning Evolotion as an email client which is doing it that way.

Well, I think they have a point there.

So, could you please change Sylpheed so that it uses the GTK+ / GNOME theme icons instead of its own icons?

It would be much appreciated.


The conversation with the Lubuntu Artwork Team can be found over there:



Updated by Genghis Khan over 7 years ago

See #225 Use overlay icons to get a native system (theme) integration


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