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How to uv aging test chamber for the actual operation?

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1. uv aging test chamber pieces will not be subjected to another method of ground stress fixed immobile in the test piece wall, each test piece to engage in good identification, identification does not have to be marked in the location of the experiment after the fact to use. In order to check the convenience, it is possible to design the construction plan for the placement of test pieces. In the test piece is used to measure the hue and appearance of the transformation of the experiment, in the experimental period can be used to cover part of the test piece with opaque material, more cover the face and face, which is effective for the whole process of checking the test piece. But the experimental results to test the face of the specimen and in the dark in the comparison specimen more as a standard.

2.UV Accelerated Weathering Tester test piece is fixed, put in the test piece of money into the environmental test chamber before, should ensure that the machine and equipment is in the selected experimental standard operation, in the whole process of the experiment should be maintained stable. The test piece in the UV aging tester should be more than the required period within the period. Can also be irradiance measurement equipment in addition. It is good to often switch the part of the test piece to be able to reduce the part of the disproportionality. When switching the part of the test piece, the tendency of the initial use of the test piece should be maintained.

3. UV Accelerated Weathering Tester the whole process of the experiment, if the application of light usage detector, can make the radiometer can display the information specimen surface irradiance. For the selected passband, the irradiance in the term, with the expression of the total area of human light radiation kinetic energy of the enterprise on the plan, the enterprise is joule per square meter.

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