Feature #181

Please add IMAP offline feature/configurability to Sylpheed

Added by X. W. over 8 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Dear Sylpheed developer(s),

I just tried out Trojitá:

for the first time (version 0.4.1 Win32).

So far, I like Sylpheed better ;).

However, Trojitá still has some features I liked.

One of them is the "Offline" feature, which can be configured via:

Menubar -> IMAP -> Settings... -> Offline tab

On that tab you have three options (via radiobuttons):

[] Don't use cache
[] Remember messages for X days <--- X can be adjusted
[] Store forever

Could you please add such a feature/configurability to Sylpheed as well?

Of course, maybe this could be done even better in Sylpheed, but it's what Trojitá offers and Sylpheed doesn't, at least as far as I can tell. Therefore I am suggesting it like that.

It would be much appreciated.



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