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Redmine: Please enable forums feature on Sylpheed Redmine

Added by X. W. over 8 years ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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Dear Sylpheed developer(s),

could you please enable the Redmine forums feature?

Some info:

IMHO it would be much better than the mailing list.

It would be much appreciated.



Updated by Kentaro Hayashi over 8 years ago

Of course, suggestion is a great thing, but I think that you need to explain how it is good by enabling forums.


Updated by X. W. over 8 years ago


if i understand correctly, then you want to know why a forum would be better than a mailing list?

Well, IMHO:

Consuming info and posting stuff on a forum is easier and more convinient than on a mailing list.

Also, it's easier to search on a forum.

And I think a mailing list is pretty old-fashioned/antiquated.

Forums are much more common than mailing lists these days and therefore I think users are way more familiar with forums.

I could imagine that users, which seek support, are gettng put off by having to post to a mailing list. On a forum you don't have to deal with things like top quoting/bottom quoting, plain text/HTML and all those things, and it's way more convenient to browse forums (IMHO).

And Redmine offers Atom feeds, which allows users to get informed about new posts/replies in a similar way that a mailing list allows.

Also, AFAIK, a mailing list always exposes a users email address... (address can be seen publicly on the post), which is not good for privacy...

And, another point:

Enabling the forums feature on the Sylpheed Redmine would unify the place for support questions and bug reports/feature requests and so on. Users would only have to go to one place (Sylpheed Redmine), instead of having to go to the Sylpheed Redmine and to the mailing list.

If i would have known that Redmine has a forums feature earlier, i would have asked to enable it earlier. But i didn't know about it earlier. I just saw it in another projects Redmine a few days ago and was wondering "Hey, why doesn't the Sylpheed Redmine have it?!."

So I came here and asked ;).


Updated by Anonymous over 8 years ago

Dear Sylpheed team,

I fully agree whith everything that X. W. wrote - a forum is much more accessible and convenient than a mailing list, so if we could enable that I am sure that the whole Sylpheed community could benefit.

I for example am not willing to join mailing lists (for quite the same reasons that X. W. mentioned), but a forum I would use.

Best regards


Updated by X. W. over 8 years ago

Dear Sylpheed developer(s),

any update on this one?

From the posts over there:

it doesn't sound too hard to enable the forums feature.

It's even possible to access the feature already when using the corresponding URL:


So, could you please enable it?



Updated by Hiroyuki Yamamoto over 6 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Resolved

Sorry about taking a long time. I have enabled the forum feature.


Updated by Hiroyuki Yamamoto over 6 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

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