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Cheap Wholesale Sunglasses Supplier&Vendor From China

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Wenzhou M&I Eyewear Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturers of the sunglasses who deals with the traders of the wholesale sunglasses from the world. We always ready to welcome our customer from our hearts because the chinses people are more friendly than others. we also give our services in other categories of eyewear like reading sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses and all other type of the customize sunglasses in the new era of the fashion because the sunglasses are important part of the style. We have professional qualified team that stickily control the flow of manufacturing to the packaging of the customer order sunglasses and optical sunglasses and lenses.

M&I eyewear working for the wellbeing of the people in the industries of the glasses and eyewear. We are working from Ouhai glasses town in china. As a manufacturers and suppliers of the sunglasses we know best which designing of the glasses and eyewear are the best in your country. We are also deal in the amazon wholesale sunglasses, sunglasses for drop shipping, and sunglasses for amazon wholesale sunglasses china. We give you the service from the manufacturers of the glasses to the glasses at your doorsteps. We are the best manufacturing of the sports sunglasses, reading sunglasses, bamboo sunglasses and the night driving glasses. We manufacturers best sports glasses for sporty people and customize sunglasses like round face glasses, rimless sunglass, and the safety sunglasses.

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First of all, please understand how our M&I EYEWEAR is different from other companies? Our company has four advantages that far surpass others: product advantage, service advantage, factory advantage, company advantage

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

11 years eyewear business and manufactory experience
In-house laboratory for consistency quality control
Support to the factory, visit, inspection, guidance, factory inspection, arrange special car transfer.

Five Star Factory
At present, there are 30 five-star factories that our company cooperates with Conditions for becoming a five-star factory:
1. More than one of three certifications (ISO-9001, 6 Sigma, FIFO)
2. The pass rate of proofing is more than 95%
3. The pass rate of random inspection is 100%
4. Visualize production operations
5. The timely rate of information feedback is extremely high

Are you looking for a cheap wholesale sunglasses china We are a wholesale eyewear supplier from China We provide the best sunglasses at minimal price

The final Choice for wholesale sunglasses, reading glasses, sports glasses, and displays.

Welcome to M&I Eyewear. We are very honored to introduce to you our high quality wholesale sunglasses, wholesale reading glasses and a wide range of display and eyewear accessories.

How to buy bulk lucrative glasses?
We treat all customers who come to mieyewear equally, whether it is a big customer or a small customer, we will not ignore the size of the order and ignore the customer’s service, so we launch bulk glasses, if you want, we provide glasses manuals and free samples. We are happy to do so. How to buy bulk glasses? Yes it’s easy! Just provide the number of glasses you want, and we’ll offer you a quote and sale!

Wholesale reading glasses supplier:
We believe we wholesale best brands reading glasses bulk, I offer all reading glasses strength from +0.75 diopters to about + 3.5 diopters. Reading glasses are not meant to be old-fashioned! We have wholesale fashion reading glasses designed by professional designers, which I am sure your older clients will love!

Custom Design Logo Sunglasses:
Our custom service includes designing packaging (glasses case, eyeglass rope, eyeglass cloth), with logo, the logo is clear and durable.

You are vital:
We are grateful to our customers for their trust in us, and we are worthy of their trust. We are very strict and punctual in delivery, and we control the quality of each pair of glasses, because this is your trust in us, because we think You are vital .We hope you can find what you want and get the sweetness here, otherwise we won’t be happy. Try contacting us, we think you will love our professional and personal service.

FIND THE BEST EYEWEAR SUPPLIES Free product customization service/OEM/ODM Dropshipping

Contact us for product catalogs, free custom samples, and partnership opportunities.
(86)577 86282011

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