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What are the main uses of UV Lamp Aging Test Tester?

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UV Lamp Aging Test Tester-Ultraviolet light aging test box is mainly used to simulate the damage of sunlight and temperature to materials; material aging includes fading, loss of light, strength reduction, cracking, peeling, chalking and oxidation, etc. The UV aging test chamber can reproduce the damage that may occur outdoors for months or years by simulating sunlight and testing the sample in a simulated environment for several days or weeks.

Applicable fields: necessary testing equipment in aviation, automobile, home appliances, scientific research and other fields, suitable for schools, factories, military industries, research institutes, and other units.

The UV protection tester adopts the latest optical testing system, cooperates with precise optical sensors and unique high compatibility analysis software, and integrates the system framework of multi-industry testing and verification. index. It is used to test the anti-ultraviolet performance of sunscreen products (sun lotion, sunscreen, sunscreen spray), sunscreen functional materials (sunscreen functional textiles, sunscreen treatment additives, sunscreen gel).

How to buy high quality UV Lamp Aging Test Tester?
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The UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester is a highly efficient and easy to use a testing instrument that can be used for accurate analysis of the effect ... [[]]

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