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Add ability to set GPG defaults for contacts (default key / always encrypt)

Added by Anonymous over 8 years ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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I would find it very useful if I could set GPG defaults for specific contacts:

1) Default public key

At the moment, you always have to select and confirm a GPG public key before sending an encrypted message, which can be quite of a hassle if you have to do it often. Setting a default key for specific contacts would make sending encrypted mails smoother.

2) Always encrypt/sign

I prefer to encrypt all my e-mail traffic to those of my contacts who support GPG (only some of them do, so ticking the global "always encrypt" box in the settings dialogue is not an option for me). Therefore, I would find it helpful if I could set "always encrypt / sign" for certain contacts instead of having to manually tick the boxes every time I send them a mail.

An example of such a feature (in Enigmail):

Thank you for considering!


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