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why textile testing instruments are important?

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so many pepople do the textile tester,why textile testing instruments are important?


Updated by lab qinsun 6 months ago

Textiles are the closest thing to our body, and our clothes are made of textile fabrics. For each different textile article, there is a set of testing methods, which can test the performance of different fabrics.

So how to carry out textile testing? [[]]

Textile testing is to test the fabric of textiles by using some methods, and generally we can divide the testing methods into physical testing and chemical testing. Physical testing is to measure the physical quantities of fabrics through some equipment or instruments, and to carry out finishing analysis to determine some physical properties and quality of fabrics; while chemical testing is to use some chemical testing techniques and chemical equipment to test textiles. To test, mainly detect the chemical characteristics and chemical properties of textiles, and analyze the composition and content of its chemical components to determine what kind of performance the textile fabrics have.

Protecting the safety and health of consumers is the fundamental purpose of textile and clothing testing. In daily production and trading, textile and clothing testing can also be used as a standard for textile acceptance, judgment, and transaction pricing, and an important basis for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of buyers and sellers or third parties.

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