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Task icon balloon notification for new messages

Added by Till Kolditz almost 11 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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This issue refers to the new-messages-notification-mechanism:
When hovering with the mouse ov erit, the task bar icon shows a balloon tooltip that tells the user how many new mails there are.
Here, the count is around 600, although there was actually NO new mail, only some unread not-new mails.
Even if there are no new messages in the mail box/folder tree view, the taskbar icon keeps notifying about ~600 new mails.
(I'm aware the actual number might not be that important...)


Updated by Till Kolditz almost 11 years ago

some more detail:

whenever this happens there is one folder where these ~600 new mails are indicated (in the tree folder view).
When clicking on the folder, the new mails count is set to 0 but on re-fetching all accounts the new mails count is set to the old value again.
Could this be some caching-issue?


Updated by Till Kolditz almost 11 years ago

OK, finally I found it this must have something to do with my mail provider...
as soon as I mark a message not read manually, the server reports a wrong message status, falsely reporting some or all other messages marked read as new...

I think you may close this bug.


Updated by Hiroyuki Yamamoto over 10 years ago

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