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Win32: Please update the included SSL certificates much more frequently

Added by X. W. almost 9 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Dear Mr. Yamamoto,

as already mentioned in bug #128:

Please update the SSL certificates, which are inlcuded in the Win32 version, much more frequently.

You did it for the Sylpheed 3.4beta7 release, which is very nice. But please do it more often.

It also looks like bug #128 was not reported for the first time here, but already previously on the mailing list. And that was two years ago, see:

It's quite unfortunate that it took two years for the included SSL certificates to be updated.

So, could you please update them much more frequently?

With "much more frequently" i mean: at least on every Sylpheed release (all releases, i.e. Beta and RC and Stable), maybe, if possible, even inbetween.

Any chance? It would be much appreciated.


Could you please elaborate a bit on the change:

* Win32: the included SSL certificates were updated (based on ca-certificates_20111211_all.deb).


What is "ca-certificates_20111211_all.deb"?

And how do you update the SSL certificates, which are included in Sylpheed Win32, from "ca-certificates_20111211_all.deb"?



Updated by AnneTheAgile A about 8 years ago

Maybe related to
Bug #222: Gmail SSL cannot be verified. - Sylpheed


Updated by Hiroyuki Yamamoto almost 8 years ago

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I will update SSL certificates more frequently from now on.

By the way, ca-certificates_20111211_all.deb is certificates included in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
(3.5beta2 includes newer one based on Ubuntu 14.04.1)


Updated by Hiroyuki Yamamoto almost 7 years ago

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