Bug #140

mailto bug when address contains "+"

Added by Igor Nedoboy almost 9 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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When link like mailto: are opened in Sylpheed, field To: contains address without "+".

I use Sylpheed 3.4 b7.


Updated by Matthias Fassl over 8 years ago

This isn't actually a bug. According to RFC 6068 "The 'mailto' URI Scheme" the + sign should be URI encoded. Sylpheed does the right thing and URI decodes the email address which leads to replacing all + signs with spaces.

The correct encoded mailto link should be mailto:

   1.  A number of characters that can appear in <addr-spec> MUST be
       percent-encoded.  These are the characters that cannot appear in
       a URI according to [STD66] as well as "%" (because it is used for
       percent-encoding) and all the characters in gen-delims except "@" 
       and ":" (i.e., "/", "?", "#", "[", and "]").  Of the characters
       in sub-delims, at least the following also have to be percent-
       encoded: "&", ";", and "=".  Care has to be taken both when
       encoding as well as when decoding to make sure these operations
       are applied only once.

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