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327SylpheedBugNewNormal[patch]When sending an email with an email format file as an attachment, the attachment is empty after successful sending.Hiroyuki Yamamoto09/07/2020 09:25 PM
326SylpheedBugNewNormalCommas in destination addresses08/08/2020 09:16 AM
325SylpheedFeatureNewNormalDetect Gmail and help user configure it to connect itHiroyuki Yamamoto07/18/2020 03:04 AM
324SylpheedSupportNewNormalPrivacy problem, sent e-mail has my personal computer name and IP in headersHiroyuki Yamamoto07/18/2020 02:56 AM
323SylpheedSupportNewNormalSocks proxy configuration option explanationHiroyuki Yamamoto07/18/2020 01:52 AM
322SylpheedBugNewHighSTARTTLS can be stripped and Sylpheed will proceed in plaintext leaking the user credentials.05/30/2020 05:31 AM
321SylpheedBugNewNormallibpisock9 needed03/27/2020 06:49 PM
320SylpheedBugNewUrgentdisappearing emailHiroyuki Yamamoto01/15/2020 01:49 AM
319SylpheedFeatureNewNormalTo or From searchoptionHiroyuki Yamamoto11/02/2019 05:39 PM
318SylpheedBugNewNormalPlease don't do modal dialogs10/13/2019 12:24 AM
317SylpheedBugNewNormalText in quick search field cannot be copiedHiroyuki Yamamoto05/13/2019 10:29 AM
316SylpheedBugNewNormalSylph-Searcher fails to import05/05/2019 04:15 AM
315SylpheedBugNewNormalAfter clicking on "Get" and receipt of new messages, folder view jumps to last mail that was selected rather than newest mailHiroyuki Yamamoto04/07/2019 09:01 AM
314SylpheedBugNewNormal[PATCH] trayicon: fix main window restoration on different desktop04/07/2019 08:10 AM
313SylpheedFeatureNewNormal[PATCH] implement POP3 CRAM-MD5 AUTHHiroyuki Yamamoto04/07/2019 08:05 AM
312SylpheedFeatureNewNormalUse desktop preferences for opening attachments04/06/2019 04:27 PM
311SylpheedBugNewImmediateMultiple email accounts do not have respective foldersHiroyuki Yamamoto04/06/2019 04:08 PM
310SylpheedBugNewNormalSorting errorHiroyuki Yamamoto04/06/2019 04:42 PM
309SylpheedBugNewNormalimap ssl_connect fails due to missing sni extensionHiroyuki Yamamoto04/06/2019 04:11 PM
308SylpheedBugNewNormalTray icon doesn't blink after new message filtered out - moved into IMAP subfolderHiroyuki Yamamoto10/03/2018 03:23 AM
307SylpheedBugNewHighSylpheed 3.4.2 crashes on mail download09/07/2018 10:13 PM
306SylpheedBugNewNormal IMAP connection to returns self-signed certificate when SNI not setHiroyuki Yamamoto02/15/2020 10:29 AM
305SylpheedFeatureNewNormalcheck and correct email adresses in From and Replyto (name,prename <email@domain>)08/21/2018 05:26 PM
304SylpheedFeatureNewNormal[PATCH] Add GPG TOFU supportHiroyuki Yamamoto10/22/2018 02:55 PM
303SylpheedFeatureNewLowsend FQDN in SMTP HELO08/15/2018 02:31 AM

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