Can someone recommend me a mail client?

Added by Bushio Brao about 1 year ago

Hello everyone,,

Some years ago, I started managing all my email over Gmail. The new accounts that I got in that time integrated well. But now I've had enough: one tab of Gmail takes 270 MB, and I can't shake the habit of absent-mindedly opening a new one. Plus, I've started missing having my mail available offline, since I travel quite a bit nowadays.

So, I'm looking for a mail client, one that doesn't take more than 200-300 MB of memory and doesn't bite me in the ass, otherwise.

I only have to check one mailbox, since everything already gets forwarded to Gmail

I make active use of labels and sorting tabs (Inbox - Social - Promotions - Updates - Lists), it would be nice if I continued to have those features.

I need to send email via one of five different addresses.

Is my search hopeless, should I just wait until I have a computer with more memory?

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RE: Can someone recommend me a mail client? - Added by Alvaro Alvaro about 1 year ago

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