How Microsoft Access is different than Excel ?

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Both Microsoft Excel and Access can be used to store data, so they might seem like similar. But in reality, they're quite different.
Excel is a spreadsheet program that's primarily used for individual projects and to perform brief calculations. Most Excel users only work with a few dozen to a few hundred data cells at once. And Excel is great for graphing and charting those calculations and data points.
Microsoft Access, on the other hand, is made to store and manage vast quantities of data in a form that makes it easy to retrieve and use in different applications. While Excel users type directly into their spreadsheets, Access databases are manipulated with pre-made forms and queries. Most businesses also connect Access to other applications, so when those other apps generate data, it's automatically ported over to Access.

How Microsoft Access online is used
Here's an overview of the major elements of Access and how they're used.
Tables: Access stores its data in tables. You can build a single database that includes all the data for the entire project — this is often called a "flat" database.
Relational databases: It's almost always easier, though, to create many tables, each containing elements of the data that needs to be tracked for a project (for example, a business might maintain separate tables for product data, orders, clients, and shipping information). Each of the tables can be interrelated and connected to one another — this is called a relational database, which allows developers to create many relatively simple databases and relate them to each other.

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