Benefits of Citrix Virtual Desktops

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Citrix Virtual Desktops – easily enable remote access
Desktop virtualization (also known as Desktop-as-a-Service), makes your desktops more flexible, easier to use, easier to manage, and easier to secure. It also lowers your IT costs. Desktop virtualization separates your desktop from the physical hardware, which enables your users to access their virtual desktop from anywhere, and on any device, delivering benefits such as:

The ability to easily access your desktop on any device
Easily being able to access your desktop remotely
Being able to manage everything centrally, instead of manually updating devices individually
Security for all apps and data on your virtual desktop hosted in the cloud and ready for action, at any time.
If you are on a journey to the cloud, desktop virtualization is a big win. It brings all of the benefits of the cloud to your users. Here are 5 benefits of the Citrix desktop virtualization solution, Citrix Virtual Desktops.

You make security more scalable
Updates are the foundation of the most stringent security strategies. One of the advantages of the cloud is that as soon as a vulnerability is detected, you receive the latest patches and fixes, delivered automatically.

With Virtual Hosted Desktops, you get quick updates to protect your desktops from new threats. However, you will not need to update each desktop individually, as updates are managed centrally.
Virtual Desktops simplify security through back-ups. If someone loses their laptop, you can quickly get that user back up and running with precisely the same desktop set-up, but on a new device.

You lower your costs
Maintaining distributed desktops is very expensive. There is also a massive opportunity cost when your staff is stuck on outdated PCs, but you cannot afford to get them an upgrade.
There is also the cost of migrating to a new operating system (OS). The average cost of a migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 was £663, and the move to Windows 10 Cloud PC is going to cost even more.
Virtual Desktops drastically reduce the time and cost of migrations because it lets you roll out the new OS centrally. You get more control, and your users get the new OS faster than they would have the old way.
Savings depend on your organization. But some organizations have reported savings as high as 70 percent by switching to desktop virtualization.

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