Advantages of Drake Tax Hosting That Help Improve the Tax Preparation Process

Added by Will joe about 2 months ago

Drake is one of the top tax software and is popular among CPAs, tax preparers, and business owners. Its fantastic features like e-signature, scheduler, tax planner, etc., enable you to prepare accurate tax returns speedily.

Drake Software tax hosting is the cloud-based version of this professional tax software with strong built-in security and privacy protections, a fast and automatic backup system, data recovery, integration capabilities, and much more.

It is not just a regular business tax software; it is about way more than taxes. In this piece of writing, we will discuss some of the top benefits of Drake Software hosting. Let’s get started.

Round-the-clock, Global Access
Suppose you are out of the city for business purposes and one of your clients requests you for the last three months’ invoices on an urgent basis. Unfortunately, you would not be able to help that client as all the invoices are stored on your desktop PC at the office. Imagine if you had used a cloud-hosted version of the Drake Software, you could have impressed your client with prompt support.

Drake Tax Software Hosting allows you to access your financial data from any geographic location at any time of the day or night; all you need is a compatible device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) and an internet connection.

Multi-User Capabilities
Business tax calculations require a detailed account of financial information in a well-organized manner for tax preparers’ ease. Your team of tax preparers needs to collaborate to ensure accurate tax returns, but what if a couple of team members couldn’t reach the office for some reason? In such a situation, your employees can work from home using the cloud version of Drake Software and collaborate easily, without delaying any urgent deadlines.

Apart from that, if you partner with a tax preparation outsourcing firm, you can get optimum support instantly as you only need to allow them to access Drake Software securely, and you are good to go. In addition, its multi-user capabilities will enable you to add a specific number of team members to work together and prepare tax speedily.

Robust Security Measures
Before investing in any cloud software, you would check how reliable it is for you, what level of security they provide, etc. As the confidentiality of your company’s finances is a high priority, Drake Software ensures your financial data remains secure on its servers. In addition, it is backed by enterprise-grade security methods, including firewalls, data encryption, antivirus, antimalware, etc.
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