What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

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Benefits of VDI
Despite the upfront cost of setting up an on premise data center, VDI brings along a lot of benefits for the deploying entity. Let’s discuss a few major ones.

Cost Efficiencies
When you have switched over to VDI, you are utilizing the storage and capacity of your data center instead of individual devices. By doing so, you can extend the lifespan of your otherwise obsolete IT hardware and avoid constant upgrades.

Ease of Management
With VDI Hosting, any changes you perform to the delivery stack such as updates, patches or new applications have to be done centrally. The effect is passed on to all your VMs due to centralized management. You don’t have to upgrade each physical device in VDI.

Centrality of Enterprise Data
In VDI, all your enterprise data is stored centrally over data center(s) instead of employee devices. This improves data privacy and security. Even if an individual device is lost or malfunctions, you don’t risk losing any critical data in the process.

Instant Backup
In VDI, your enterprise data is converged at a single data center. To further protect this data, constant backups of this data are maintained at physically dispersed locations. In case of any contingency, data can be restored immediately due to a robust backup mechanism.

Enhanced Performance
To support Hosting Virtual Server, state of the art data centers are set up, which is a one time long term expense. As all the “heavy lifting” is done by your data center, your employees enjoy unrivalled performance that’s not possible for individual endpoint devices.

Improved Security
Due to centralized data in VDI, it becomes easier for you to implement enterprise grade security protocols. These include but are not limited to user authentication, encryption, intrusion detection and prevention, malware and ransomware protection.

Ease of Scalability
As opposed to the traditional IT model where you need to increase hardware in order to scale, VDI allows you to instantly scale up or down. All you have to do is increase or decrease the number of Virtual Machines (VM) as per changing needs.

Quick On-Boarding
With VDI, on boarding new employees is a breeze. Even if your employee is in another city or country, access to enterprise data and applications can instantly be granted. This improves organizational efficiency and agility.

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