The Scariest Horror Game on Android

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The following horror games on Android are worth trying. During playing, it is certain that the hair on your neck will stand up.

Horror themes in games are always fun. Although the gameplay may not be much different horror games, but in terms of experience of course they are superior.

You will get a playing experience that makes your whole body tense up and can be imagined for several days after playing.

5 Scariest Horror Games on Android, Must Try!

Android has now become a very popular gaming platform. Many of the Android games are of no less quality than on consoles.

Several game themes are also available, including horror. Horror game fans should definitely try playing some of the games that have earned the following scary nicknames.


This first horror game is inspired by various horror stories on the Asian continent which are famous for being scary, especially Taiwan. In Detention, you must help two students who are trapped in a haunted school.

Detention is relatively easy to play. Even so, the atmosphere of horror in this game is very pronounced.

Specimen Zero

The graphics that Specimen Zero brings are quite good in its class which makes the impression of horror even more pronounced.

Not only that, the story behind the game is also very scary.

You will be a player who suddenly wakes up in an empty building.Your task is to get out of the building and fight terrible monsters.

Dead by Daylight Mobile

Survival horror lovers must play this one game. Dead by Daylight Mobile has even become one of the scariest horror games on Android.

In this game you can choose to play alone or with a team of other players. Apart from being a survivor, you can also act as a killer in this game.

Evil Nun: Horror at School

The horror game Evil Nun: Horror at School is also worth trying. The reason is, this one horror game is also quite popular.

You must escape the terror that comes from a scary nun named Madeline who haunts a middle school.

There are various puzzles that you have to solve in order to get out of the school. You must solve the puzzle without being caught by the creepy nun.

Night Journal

If the next game is the work of the nation's children. Journal of the Night is a game that allows you to solve puzzles related to mystical things.

Because it is made in Indonesia, this game of course features a variety of local ghosts. The atmosphere is tense and looks very real to make this game very challenging.

When playing the scariest horror game on Android, you have to prepare yourself first. Because, of course there will be many surprising jumpscares. (R10/HR-Online).

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