What is Windows 10 Cloud PC?

Added by Peter Groft 4 months ago

Microsoft recently announced a new addition to their software portfolio which can allow workers of the user organizations to experience a version of Windows 10 in the cloud platform. The application has the capability of mirroring the data, settings, and applications from the other Microsoft devices so that the user can experience the complete Windows environment on a corporate or personal device. This is the reason why this application is termed the Windows 10 Cloud PC.

A revolutionary application such as the Cloud PC Azure is expected to have quite a few advantages that can be derived by the user companies. These benefits can be categorized in the following manner:-

Remote Access
The concept of cloud computing is based on the theory of remote access. This implies that a user company would be able to operate its business through a device from any remote location. The same concept applies to the Cloud PC of Windows 365 but in fact, it is way better. One of the basic advantages of having a virtual PC implies that although the user needs a physical device to log in and use the PC, the device could be anything from a workstation in the office, to a laptop, or a tablet while traveling. This makes access to the cloud simple and hassle-free.

Easy for Hybrid workers
Within an organization, certain employees work in a hybrid pattern which implies that they sometimes work from home and other times work at the office. An on-premise PC would not be able to allow such workers the required advantage to pick up work right from where they left before. But one of the advantages of the Windows Cloud PC lies in the fact that such team members can easily leave a certain file open on the workplace PC and login and finish the work later on the virtual PC.

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