Which linux email client to use in 2017???

Added by DanielAlexander DanielAlexander almost 3 years ago

I'm really frustrated with Thunderbird, though I've been using it since last 3-4 years. Mostly these two things:

Its extremely slow most of the time.

It doesn't sort SPAM correctly.

The second point is especially nagging. Even if I literally mark mails coming from a particular domain as junk by pressing J for a hundred times, it would still show up the next mail from that domain in my inbox! Creating a new filter for each new domain is just too cumbersome.

Any suggestions for a new mail client? I've heard good things about mutt and evolution, but don't know how tedious is mutt to handle, and how bug-free has evolution gotten these days.

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RE: Which linux email client to use in 2017??? - Added by Gloria Field 10 months ago

I had been using the same email client interface which was not that worthy for those who had so much in their data storages. If you want to change then go to outlook email where you can do lots of stuff. if you are a student then you can go for where you can get directly essay writing service done on discounted prices.