Sylpheed FAQ

Paul Kater

Jens Oberender

Francois Barriere

Olivier Delhomme

Petr Kovar

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Revision History
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Ported to DocBook XML.
Revision 2.0 2009/10/02 PK
Finished porting to DocBook XML, updated many questions across the document to conform with Sylpheed 2.7.1.
Revision 2.1 2010/04/14 PK
Updated with regard to Sylpheed 3.0.2.
Revision 2.2 2010/08/09 PK
Updates for the upcoming Sylpheed 3.1.


This document contains answers to various questions, which are frequently asked by Sylpheed users. It consists of three sections providing general information, information on Sylpheed installation and configuration, and on Sylpheed interface.

Table of Contents

1. Sylpheed FAQ - General Information
2. Sylpheed FAQ - Installation and Configuration
3. Sylpheed FAQ - Interface
A. GNU Free Documentation License