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06:59 PM Sylpheed Feature #73: Start minimized function
And command line argument.
This is useful to autostart with desktop environment.


06:18 PM Sylpheed Feature #133: Ctrl+f shortcut in Edit menu
Home/End also not works in message read window.
Tested in 3.4.0beta6 on Windows.
01:18 PM Sylpheed Feature #133: Ctrl+f shortcut in Edit menu
"Find next" is often bounded with F3 ot Ctrl+g. These do not works either.
12:26 PM Sylpheed Feature #133 (New): Ctrl+f shortcut in Edit menu
There is no standard Ctrl+f shortcut in "Edit" menu in opened message window.
So, it is not possible to find in text...


11:42 AM Sylpheed Feature #99 (New): Keyboard shortcuts in opened message window
There is some keyboard shortcuts in main Sylpheed window: Ctrf+f, Ctfl+a etc.
There is not at all in "single-message...


12:46 PM Sylpheed Bug #91 (New): Filer loads full letter to work
Current behaviour:
Sylpheed filter "Options->Filter configuration" fist loads letter with attachments, after that wo...


04:54 PM Sylpheed Feature #90 (Rejected): Folder as filter condition
There is annoying "new mail" status icon on new messages in "spam" folder.
It is not good idea to remove this fold...


01:22 AM Sylpheed Feature #88 (New): Mail retrive interrupt issues
Sylpheed cannot be closed immediately with automatic interrupt of mail retrive/check process.
1) make some ...


03:32 PM Sylpheed Feature #66 (New): Type assigngin for non-latin IMAP folders
Russian IMAP mail servers has folder "Отправленные" instead of "sent". Sylpheed can't automatic set type of such fold...


04:12 PM Sylpheed Bug #61 (Closed): Compose window delay on startup
If Sylpheed is configured to automatically check new mail on startup and not runs currently, compose window on "mailt...

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