Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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  • Sylpheed (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 11/15/2011)


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10:40 AM Sylpheed Bug #256: GUI Freezing on Windows
I have received several reports of similar issues,
but I cannot reproduce them yet.
Could you give me additional ...


11:03 AM Sylpheed Feature #14 (Closed): Sylpheedにバンドルされているライブラリのバージョン(Glib)を更新して欲しい
11:00 AM Sylpheed Bug #84 (Closed): Cannot read sent mail created by Roundcube
10:59 AM Sylpheed Feature #109 (Closed): Enable aarch64 support
10:58 AM Sylpheed Feature #124 (Closed): GTK+ update for Windows?
Sylpheed 3.5.0 stable with GTK+ 2.24 has been released.
10:52 AM Sylpheed Bug #128 (Closed): Add / update Yahoo SSL certificate
10:51 AM Sylpheed Feature #145 (Closed): Win32: Please update the included SSL certificates much more frequently
10:48 AM Sylpheed Feature #173 (Closed): Redmine: Please enable forums feature on Sylpheed Redmine
10:47 AM Sylpheed Bug #220 (Closed): Russian .po update
10:47 AM Sylpheed Bug #207 (Closed): Issue with some settings in the new beta

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