Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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  • SylFilter (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 01/16/2012)
  • Sylpheed (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 11/15/2011)


Reported issues: 29


03:00 PM Sylpheed Revision 3541: added 'Other features' section to Japanese manual.
02:08 PM Sylpheed Revision 3540: updated Japanese manual.
11:30 AM Sylpheed Revision 3539: automatically subscribe newly created IMAP folders.
10:54 AM Sylpheed Bug #243 (Closed): Virus warning in 3.5beta3
10:51 AM Sylpheed Bug #251 (Feedback): New issue with attachment: Redmine unexpected error
I can successfully create a ticket with an attachment now.
If you still have the problem, please tell me the detail.
10:27 AM Sylpheed Bug #270: IMAP4 gmail connection failure
Please show the output with --debug option.
By the way, I can successfully connect to imap.gmail.com:993 on Window...
10:05 AM Sylpheed Revision 3538: src/undo.c: made debug print switchable.


04:54 PM Sylpheed Revision 3537: updated Japanese manual.
01:45 PM Sylpheed Revision 3536: fixed the layout of labels of edit group dialog.
11:32 AM Sylpheed Revision 3535: added folder icons to group edit dialog.

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