Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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  • SylFilter (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 01/16/2012)
  • Sylpheed (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 11/15/2011)


Reported issues: 29


02:04 PM Sylpheed Revision 3397: src/main.c: fix_font_setting(): modified OS X font name.
01:49 PM Sylpheed Bug #193 (Resolved): Lose mails when mailbox is inaccessible
Also fixed the Remote mailbox at r3396.
01:47 PM Sylpheed Revision 3396: src/rpop3.c: additional fix for Bug #193.


05:38 PM Sylpheed Revision 3395: improved font name fixing.
04:52 PM Sylpheed Revision 3394: makewin32.sh: save build log.
03:58 PM Sylpheed Support #171: Please provide official Sylpheed updates through the Ubuntu Software Center
Curremtly I don't have enough time to release and maintain packages for PPA or Ubuntu Software Center.
It ...


06:48 PM Sylpheed Revision 3393: renamed configure.in to configure.ac.
06:42 PM Sylpheed Revision 3392: use gpgme_io_writen() if available (fixes freeze when entering passphrase on Windo...


06:40 PM Sylpheed Feature #124: GTK+ update for Windows?
Since the GTK+ 2.24 version of Sylpheed-win32 seems to become stable,
I put the test binary here:
06:29 PM Sylpheed Revision 3391: made workaround for 64-bit time_t on win32.

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