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07:52 PM Sylpheed Feature #226 (New): Receive message box during individual message download
It would be nice to have a message box displayed when a relatively large message is downloaded from an IMAP folder (i...


06:15 PM Sylpheed Feature #56: Edit received mail
How long will it take you to add this super-simple feature??? This program is USELESS WITHOUT T...


10:04 PM Sylpheed Bug #75: Rendering probles in 3.2 beta
oops, sorry, audacity is not GTK, it's WxWidgets :)
10:03 PM Sylpheed Bug #75: Rendering probles in 3.2 beta
Oh, forgot to mention: the video driver is up-to-date, and Sylpheed is the only program that causes these kinds of pr...
10:01 PM Sylpheed Bug #75: Rendering probles in 3.2 beta
As you could see in my screenshots, i was not using a WinXP-specific theme (i was using the "Windows classic" display...


09:46 PM Sylpheed Bug #75 (New): Rendering probles in 3.2 beta
In the latest 2.3_beta versions of sylpheed (at least the last two versions, i don't try the earlier ones) some rende...


05:45 PM Sylpheed Bug #57 (Confirmed): Save un-named attachments doesn't add the file extension
I see that the newest version of Sylpheed properly saves un-named attachments (when i right-click and select "Save" o...
05:12 PM Sylpheed Feature #56 (New): Edit received mail
One of the very few things that i really miss in Sylpheed is the ability to EDIT A RECEIVED MAIL, i.e. to edit the co...


04:25 AM Sylpheed Bug #39: Messages downloaded via "Get" from "Remote mail" window are not filtered
Just to clarify something related to the way i was expecting filters to work with IMAP: when copying/moving files fro...


05:42 PM Sylpheed Feature #6: spell checking in windows
This little program should solve your spell-checking problems on windows once and for all: http://tinyspell.numerit.c...

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